Earn Bitcoin Online by becoming a
CoinCorner Affiliate

Would you like to earn bitcoins or cash just by telling people about our service?

Join the CoinCorner Affiliate Program and earn upto 25% per user for their ongoing trading!

CoinCorner’s Affiliate Program is a marketing system used by individuals and companies for the purposes of advertising CoinCorner products and services to their customers.

Once an affiliate application has been approved, Affiliates have access to banner advertisements and links, as well as a wide range of materials for use on their website and email correspondence. Banners and promotional text will refresh automatically to advertise the latest news from CoinCorner.

When a visitor to your website (or alternative platform) becomes a referred customer (by clicking on your Affiliate click-thru referral link to the CoinCorner website or alternative method of referral, and the potential customer, fully registers and processes any trades or sales), you will earn up to 25% commission, based on the total net profit for CoinCorner attributable to that transaction, and any subsequent transactions, for a period of up to 3 years.

All About the CoinCorner Affiliate Program

Being a CoinCorner affiliate is really easy and simple to do, but here are a few of the more frequently asked questions about this service:

Q. How do I join?

A. Once you have a verified CoinCorner account, you will see the an Affiliates link inside your account in the left hand navigation. Read through and accept our Terms and Conditions. Then click I agree to complete your Application. Each application is reviewed individually within 14 working days.

Q. Is the CoinCorner Affiliate Program free to join?

A. Yes, the CoinCorner Affiliate Program is completely free to join. Linking your website(s) to CoinCorner’s products and services will allow you to partner with a global crypto-currency exchange

Q. Why should I become a CoinCorner Affiliate?

A. You'll benefit from up to 25% (twenty five percent) for the first year, 15% (fifteen percent) for the second year and 10% (ten percent) for the third year, profit share for every customer that you refer.

The total customer activity of all your referred customers (whether purchasing or selling crypto-currency) counts towards your commission.

Q. Do I get paid in cash or bitcoins?

A. You will receive a percentage of the trading volume by the user so it will likely be a mixutre of both. As a verified customer, you can also trade your earning for your preference at any time.

Q. How often do I get paid?

A. Transactions are credited to your account in real-time, so as we make money, so do you! We have no need to make you wait lengthy periods to get your revenue!

* Please see our full Terms of Use for more details about the Affiliate Program.