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CoinCorner Team

  • Daniel Scott CoinCorner Co-Founder

Daniel Scott
Co-Founder / Tech

With a decade of experience in software development, Daniel has experience working with several large companies such as Microsoft, as well as having a successful acquired start-up under his belt. Daniel is responsible for the daily operations of CoinCorner from business processes to the technical infrastructure using his vast technical and crypto-currency knowledge to ensure CoinCorner is always at the cutting edge of technology.

  • Phil Collins CoinCorner Co-Founder/Head of Operations

Phil Collins
Co-Founder / Head of Operations

Phil has over 15 years’ experience in running corporate structures across a variety of industries. He was most recently Head of Operations for a large development company. Phil’s operational experience and attention to detail helps CoinCorner to run smoothly on a day to day basis.

  • Duncan Hughes Senior Developer

Duncan Hughes
Senior Developer

After studying Mechanical Engineering Duncan moved into IT. 15+ years later, Duncan is still active within the IT sector and has brought his wealth of programming and startup experience to CoinCorner.

  • Liam Wiltshire Front End Developer

Liam Wiltshire
Front End Developer

Liam has been working in the tech industry for three years now, building his skills within the fast paces of internet startups and rising quickly with every move. Having taken projects from conception to completion, he has more recently been helping advise on the design, user experience and general usability of CoinCorner. His skills range from high end graphic concepts through to frontend masterpieces in HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Molly Spiers Marketing Manager

Molly Spiers
Marketing Manager



CoinCorner Advisors

  • Alex Holt Advisor

Alex Holt


  • Tim Morrison Advisor

Tim Morrison

Tim Morrison

Tim brings vast experience of setting up and overhauling corporate IT structures to CoinCorner, and has consulted for The European Space Agency, EuroStar, London Underground and the majority of the UK Police Forces. He’s been actively engaged in, and responsible for £1M+ capital projects, in areas as diverse as Digital Radio Communications, Fund Management and Private Healthcare telemonitoring services. Tim originally came to the Isle of Man 6 years ago from Sussex as a founding Director and Designated Official of an E-Gaming company


A Little Bit About Us

CoinCorner, like most things in life, started with the solution to a simple problem. Wanting to buy Bitcoin from the UK and online from somewhere you trust.

Whilst this might seem on the surface like a relatively easy problem to solve (after all, eCommerce has existed for 15 years or more), crypto-currencies and the lack of rules and regulations make the process fraught with dangers.

After some musing in the space, we decided the only way forward was to pull together the right people and start putting in place a system of best practices whilst working extensively with the Isle of Man Government to ensure that when regulation comes we are at the forefront of what that might bring.

Our Address

CoinCorner Ltd
2nd Floor Office Suite
64a Athol Street
Isle of Man

Company Number: 129003C

[email protected]