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CoinCorner's Achievements in Quarter Two

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Joanne Goldy
Written: 12/11/2018
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CoinCorner's Achievements in Quarter Two

Words by Danny Scott, CEO at CoinCorner

As the company continues to grow, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for our team to keep up with what is being accomplished at CoinCorner. I recently shared the following updates with our team to help them stay in the loop, and am now sharing it with you, our customers, to remain transparent about our progress each quarter.

It's important to keep moving forward in this fast paced industry, but it's also important to look back and reflect on our achievements along the way.

So, what happened at CoinCorner in quarter two that our team is proud of?

Our Team Grew!

Even though we’re still a small team, we welcomed 4 fantastic new staff members to the CoinCorner family!

We’ve created a new Head of Compliance role, recruited another Compliance Assistant, brought in a Graduate Developer and a new Graphics Artist - this brings our team to 15.

We Introduced New Cryptocurrencies

CoinCorner_Ethereum  CoinCorner_Litecoin  CoinCorner_Ripple

To meet customer demand, we introduced 3 of the more popular cryptocurrencies - Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, (yes XRP fans… we know it’s XRP and not Ripple!). 

We’ll be taking a closer look at our numbers for these currencies towards the end of quarter four this year, which will help us to decide whether or not to introduce any more currencies, along with the functionality to allow withdrawal of each new currency.

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple here


We continued towards our goal of educating more people about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This involved offering more 'What is Bitcoin?' talks and seminars for local people on the Isle of Man, including students, government members, local businesses and the general public. 

In addition, we launched a new website called BitcoinRegulation.World. This is an educational resource available to anyone around the world which provides details about Bitcoin regulation in different countries.  

As well as helping us to keep up to speed with Bitcoin regulation on a global scale, the purpose of this website is to encourage others to learn and stay in-the-know.

Bitcoin Brenda

As with all other companies in our industry, we lost our advertising privileges on the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter (see our Google Cryptocurrency Ads Ban post for insights). 

This created a shift in marketing direction and meant that our marketing team had to respond quickly and find new, innovative ways to advertise our services.

One example of our new initiatives is Bitcoin Brenda. What has now became the famous Brenda marketing campaign went live earlier in the summer, with physical advertising in Flybe’s Flight Time magazine and on the London Underground. 

Flybe - Brenda  London Underground - Brenda

Brenda became quite the hit with many mentions and comments on social media. If you missed Brenda, don’t worry, she’s not finished her work yet and we'll be seeing more of her later this year!

Making CoinCorner Easy!

Continuing towards our goal of making CoinCorner as easy for customers to use as possible, we reviewed our onboarding process to see where improvements could be made. 

Taking into account feedback from customers and our team, we have started to create an even smoother experience for our users.

Keeping CoinCorner A Trusted Platform

This quarter we continued to keep up with changing laws, including the GDPR. We engaged with a top law firm to oversee and refine our data process to make sure we adhere to the new GDPR rules that came into force on 25th May 2018.

Bitcoin Visa Card?

After a long and bumpy process of searching for the right partner, we successfully signed a deal to create our very own CoinCorner Visa Debit Card.

We anticipate that the cards will be available later this year. More details on this exciting new product will be announced soon!

A Final Note Of Thanks

Our team has worked incredibly hard to stay on top of our work following the recent boom period. This includes our new team members, who have been very quickly getting up to speed with both the company and industry too.

We would like to extend a big thank you to you, our customers, for the continued support and use of our services. We’re very excited to bring you new services and improvements to existing services in the coming months!